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Challenge Yourself To Keep Yourself Sharp

Ever gone out on a photowalk and found yourself aimlessly aiming the camera, then been disappointed with the results when you got home? Well, one of the reasons that professionals often get great results is that they are working to a brief. This narrows the scope of what you are shooting and makes you look much closer at the frame as you shoot.

The professional is told "get an atmospheric picture of this car" or "we want to highlight the purple colour of the dress", you get the idea. It's easy to do this for yourself. Just set yourself a challenge like "lines", "green", "shape", that sort of thing. If you are out on a walk with family, they don't even need to know that's what your doing, but imagine any of those subjects during a walk in the woods.

One of our members has taken this to an extreme, with a weekly challenge set at the TipsFromTheTopFloor forum - anyone can enter, but Simon chooses to involve his cat, Alfie in each of the challenges just to make it a little harder. But, it's a way of keeping the imagination sharp. A weekly challenge gives you a deadline to work to.

There's a complete gallery of these weekly pictures over the last two years here.

Try it yourself!



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