2018R3 - Prints


Andrew FletcherP4996Beach comber8
Andrew FletcherP5143Untitled (portrait of a young boy)9.5
Andrew FletcherP5175The Grand Pier9
Carole BrownleeP5176Dawn Mist Rising7.5
Carole BrownleeP5177Ground Elder seedhead8
Carole BrownleeP5178Cranesbill8
Chris WhittyP2250Beach silhouettes 28.5
Chris WhittyP2251Cemetery in mist7
Chris WhittyP5179Mel and recorder 46 mono10
David HorvathP4925Sneaky Fag9
David HorvathP5180Evening Meal Botswana8
David HorvathP5181Kite flying on a dull day7.5
David MillardP5183Christmas shopping finished9
David MillardP5184Charlee8
David MillardP5185Old and New8.5
George TurnbullP5186Commuter in Transit8
George TurnbullP5187Streetwise10
George TurnbullP5188Whitby8
Jon EvansP2065Leaves in the Mist9
Jon EvansP2307Edmund8.5
Jon EvansP5147Sundew8
Ken NewberryP5151Waiting for orders7
Ken NewberryP5153On the move 7.5
Ken NewberryP5189Langstone Harbour8
Mark GreyP1593The Fighter8.5
Mark GreyP5190The Consul9.5
Mark GreyP5191Victor Victoria8.5
Micheal CarringtonP5192Rivoting Colour8
Micheal CarringtonP5193Roots on the riverbank8.5
Micheal CarringtonP5194Scabious dismantled8.5
Paul ArmstrongP5113Boxed in9.5
Paul ArmstrongP5141Comrades8
Paul ArmstrongP5142Faro Airport10
Paul ManneringP5071floating gull7
Paul ManneringP5140Mt Saxonnex8
Paul ManneringP5195War Horse8
Russ KhanP5196Black Kite Swooping Low7.5
Russ KhanP5197Locking Horns8.5
Russ KhanP5198Really Fast Food Delivery7.5
Tom RowlesP5199"Glengarriff- Bantry Bay
Tom RowlesP5200Waiting to Depart8.5

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