2018R2 - Prints


Andrew FletcherP4995After the storm8
Andrew FletcherP4997The Beard8.5
Andrew FletcherP5143Untitled (portrait of a young boy)9
Chris WhittyP2251Cemetery in mist8.5
Chris WhittyP4992Common Garden Spider Araneus diadematus8.5
Chris WhittyP4994Stew on the mountain7
David HorvathP2142aDerelict Station Folkstone8
David HorvathP2143aPortsmouth harbour Sunset 8.5
David HorvathP5028Zoe low key9
David MillardP5168Rose7.5
David MillardP5169St Pauls7.5
David MillardP5170Drip10
George TurnbullP5056Picnic in the Rain8
George TurnbullP5137Love is in the air8.5
George TurnbullP5138Hare Krishna8.5
Ian BarefootP5166Reflections of Perth8
Jon EvansP2287Quizzical10
Jon EvansP2306Return to Carn Llidi9
Jon EvansP5147Sundew10
June MilnerP5148Voyage into Fairyland7
June MilnerP5149Rooftop view7.5
June MilnerP51501940s again7
Ken NewberryP5151Waiting for orders8
Ken NewberryP5152First class8.5
Ken NewberryP5153On the move 7.5
Mark GreyP5154Xeena10
Mark GreyP5155Wood Nymph8
Mark GreyP5156Drenched10
Micheal CarringtonP5157A great leap8
Micheal CarringtonP5158Hanging on9.5
Micheal CarringtonP5159A breakfast nut9.5
Paul ArmstrongP5002Wasp Spider8
Paul ArmstrongP5141Comrades10
Paul ArmstrongP5142Faro Airport10
Paul ManneringP5020Clouds in my eye8.5
Paul ManneringP5139Poppy7
Paul ManneringP5140Mt Saxonnex8.5
Ray EvansP5144South Downs Autumn Sun9
Ray EvansP5145A Cold Morning On The Sussex Downs7
Ray EvansP5146The Severn Sisters8.5
Russ KhanP5163Little Egret8.5
Russ KhanP5164The Old Fishing Boat7
Russ KhanP5165Zig Zag Steps7.5
Tom RowlesP5160Eighteen9
Tom RowlesP5161Nobody Loves Me6.5
Tom RowlesP5162Rathin Island-Ireland8.5
Vassilis KorkasP2300Siesta Time8
Vassilis KorkasP2302Derelict Art8
Vassilis KorkasP5136Tenderise Well Before Cooking7.5
Zoe BarefootP5167Mandarins Mating7.5

Entries - 50


John StrawsonP5173Bear Back Rider8
John StrawsonP5174Ready For Action7.5
Yvonne KuneschP5171Chilled Vines9
Yvonne KuneschP5172Hi-Key Water Fun10

Entries - 4

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