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Andrew FletcherP4995After the storm9
Andrew FletcherP4996Beach comber9
Andrew FletcherP4997The Beard10
Chris WhittyP4992Common Garden Spider Araneus diadematus8.5
Chris WhittyP4993Storks nest Romania8.5
Chris WhittyP4994Stew on the mountain9
David HorvathP5026Rusting Hulk Suva Fiji Islands9
David HorvathP5027Nyhavn Copenhagen10
David HorvathP5028Zoe low key8.5
David MillardP4989Flying High8.5
David MillardP4990One New Place8.5
David MillardP4991Pavilion8
George TurnbullP5023Early Doors8
George TurnbullP5024Nesting Birds9.5
George TurnbullP5025A Winters Scene9
John McCombP5013The Baker9
John McCombP5014The Pilot9
John McCombP5015Gear Cutting8.5
Jon EvansP5032Over the Misty Mountains8
Jon EvansP5033The Lady with the Red Hat9
Jon EvansP5034Spider Lily9
June MilnerP5010Calle Veronica9
June MilnerP5011End of Summer7.5
June MilnerP5012Mist and Mystery8.5
Ken NewberryP4998Growing up7.5
Ken NewberryP4999Le Mont-st-Michel 7.5
Mark GreyP2038Thought9
Mark GreyP2197The Estonian Girl.8
Mark GreyP5006DCI Hammett10
Micheal CarringtonP5017Under attack8.5
Micheal CarringtonP5018Starting in the rain8.5
Micheal CarringtonP5019Prudential London ride - half way8
Michelle HarrisonP5003Sax Maniac8
Michelle HarrisonP5004I wanna worm.8
Michelle HarrisonP5005Man without a Beach Hut7
Paul ArmstrongP5000Red Soldier Beetle9.5
Paul ArmstrongP5001Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar9.5
Paul ArmstrongP5002Wasp Spider8.5
Paul ManneringP5020Clouds in my eye9
Paul ManneringP5021Adonis Blue (lysandra bellargus)8
Paul ManneringP5022This'll fly8.5
Rob WilkinsonP5029Lady in Red8.5
Rob WilkinsonP5030Statuesque9
Rob WilkinsonP5031VW7.5
Russ KhanP5035In a spin on the crazy cage7.5
Russ KhanP5036Four spotted chaser7.5
Russ KhanP5037Draken in the shadows7
Tom RowlesP5007I Can Fly8.5
Tom RowlesP5008Big Wheel8
Tom RowlesP5009Buick8.5
Vassilis KorkasP2260Off Centre10
Vassilis KorkasP2299Spine8
Vassilis KorkasP5016The face of an angel8

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