2018AL - Prints


Andrew FletcherP5211The Man in the Lift2
Andrew FletcherP5308Always something to run to
Andrew FletcherP5309We each make our own path
Chris WhittyP2619Bathtime 1
Chris WhittyP4994Stew on the mountain
Chris WhittyP5179Mel and recorder 46 mono
David MillardP5054Great PondHC
David MillardP5260Ups and Downs
David MillardP5315Down and outHC
George TurnbullP5025A Winters Scene
George TurnbullP5187Streetwise
George TurnbullP5318Tearful encounter
Jon EvansP2223Once a Prop ForwardHC
Jon EvansP5147Sundew
Jon EvansP5407The Devil Waiting for Me
Ken NewberryP5151Waiting for orders
Ken NewberryP5153On the move
Ken Newberry P4391The high jump
Micheal CarringtonP5112Fox on the prowl
Micheal CarringtonP5158Hanging on
Micheal CarringtonP5159A breakfast nut
Paul ArmstrongP5142Faro Airport3
Paul ArmstrongP5329Mekong village girl1
Paul ArmstrongP5360Down on his luck
Paul ManneringP5020Clouds in my eye
Paul ManneringP5330In the shadow of Col du Galibier
Paul ManneringP5412Crafty fag
Rob WilkinsonP5030StatuesqueHC
Rob WilkinsonP5331Infra-red Hoody
Rob WilkinsonP5332Timeless Classical Redhead
Russ KhanP5163Little Egret
Russ KhanP5197Locking Horns
Russ KhanP5413Denbies Vinyard in Spring

Entries - 33


Ana PeiroP5408City Landscape in La Habana Cuba
Ana PeiroP5409Spring Beauty
Ana PeiroP5410The Fox Who Came To TeaHC
Robert RowleyP5353Robin feeder1
Robert RowleyP5376The Old Man of StorrHC
Robert RowleyP5411Female Darter Dragonfly3
Yvonne KuneschP5172Hi-Key Water Fun2

Entries - 7

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