2015R3 - Prints


Chris StockP1728OXO Tower on Reflection9
Chris StockP1729New Forest Pony9.5
Chris StockP1730Sulphur Tuft Fungi8.5
Chris WhittyP1720Direct Hit7
Chris WhittyP1721Woodland Light7.5
Jon EvansP1642Mind your fingers8.5
Jon EvansP1716In the Orchard10
Jon EvansP1717Old Man Oak7.5
June MilnerP1614Street Style9.5
June MilnerP1615Film Glamour9
June MilnerP1663Winter Flood7.5
Ken NewberryP1722Barn Owl7
Ken NewberryP1723Reflections of an Orchid7
Ken NewberryP1724A Bumble Bee7
Mark GreyP1718Self Portrait8.5
Mark GreyP1719The Game10
Mark GreyP1734Kristina8.5
Michael KnightP1735Candle Lit7.5
Michael KnightP1736Dancing Macabre8
Michelle HarrisonP1710Imperial War Museum7
Michelle HarrisonP1711Inside the Tulip7
Michelle HarrisonP1712Bell Ropes7.5
Norma TrynerP1713Sally Lightfoot Crabs8
Norma TrynerP1714Barn Owl10
Norma TrynerP1715Gathering at Dusk10
Sue HammillP1725Eagle Owl8.5
Sue HammillP1726Tawny Owl9
Sue HammillP1727Seeds8
Tony WatsonP1704Me and my Shadow9.5
Tony WatsonP1705The Selfie7.5
Tony WatsonP1706Chinese Opera Character8.5

Entries - 31


Andrew FletcherP1707Happy in Retirement9
Andrew FletcherP1708Looking up through the Orbit7.5
Andrew FletcherP1709Playing to the Crowd8.5
John McCombP1731Wishing for Wings8
John McCombP1732Pine Marten9.5
John McCombP1733Kite Flying10

Entries - 6

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