2015R2 - Prints


Chris StockP1683Family Portrait10
Chris StockP1684St Endoc and the Camel Esturary8
Chris StockP1685Garden Spider Preparing Supper9
Chris WhittyP1599Misty Morning9
Chris WhittyP1658Contemplation8
Chris WhittyP1659Sisterly Love6
Don HartP1672Me Too8.5
Don HartP1673St Michaels mount9.5
Don HartP1674Tree by Derwent Water8.5
Jon EvansP1689View towards Ramsey Island9.5
Jon EvansP1690Gunwale of Red8.5
Jon EvansP1691White Poppy8.5
June MilnerP1675Phillipina7
June MilnerP1676Looking Good today7
June MilnerP1677Lake Bohinj7
Ken NewberryP1545Reflextons6.5
Ken NewberryP1678Cobwebs6
Ken NewberryP1679Snowy Owl6.5
Mark GreyP1536The girls with the Art Deco Earings9.5
Mark GreyP1640Londoner9
Mark GreyP1671Winters Waif10
Norma TrynerP1686Eagle Owl Landing10
Norma TrynerP1687This is Mine8
Norma TrynerP1688Dawn Sky9
Pat GibsonP1680The Tutor9.5
Pat GibsonP1681Red Squirrel at Brownsea Island7.5
Pat GibsonP1682Corfe Castle at Sunrise10
Simon TaylorP1645Every which way8
Simon TaylorP1646Tower Remembrance8
Simon TaylorP1647Mini Reds8.5
Stuart KenneyP1668The Trombone player8
Stuart KenneyP1669Deep in Thought8.5
Stuart KenneyP1670The Trumpet Player.8
Tom RowlesP1701Coming Home7.5
Tom RowlesP1702A Walk on the Wild Side8
Tom RowlesP1703Oh Yes I remember it well8.5

Entries - 36


Andrew FletcherP1697Thecodontosaurus8
Andrew FletcherP1698Green Light for cycling8.5
Andrew FletcherP1699Anemone7
Fraser SneddenP1700Spiders Haven
Nadine BernhardtP16301 2 310
Nadine BernhardtP1692Coy Cat9.5
Nadine BernhardtP1693Thirsty9
Sarah LucasP1694Surprise
Sarah LucasP1695Happy Birthday
Sarah LucasP1696Untitled

Entries - 10

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