2015R1 - Prints


Chris WhittyP1657BlackKnights Alaways Win8
Chris WhittyP1658Contemplation9
Chris WhittyP1659Sisterly Love8.5
Isabel CuestaP1654Lazy days8
Isabel CuestaP1655Splash9
Isabel CuestaP1656Abandoned8.5
Jon EvansP1642Mind your fingers9.5
Jon EvansP1643The Rushing river7.5
Jon EvansP1644Through the glass Darkly10
June MilnerP1663Winter Flood10
June MilnerP1664The Tree Surgen9
June MilnerP1665Shades of Summer7.5
Ken NewberryP1660European Eagle Owl10
Ken NewberryP1661Grass Snakes8.5
Ken NewberryP1662A Kestral7
Mark GreyP1639Heat8.5
Mark GreyP1640Londoner10
Mark GreyP1641Offload9
Michelle HarrisonP1648Songbird9
Michelle HarrisonP1649Gleaming Chrome8
Michelle HarrisonP1650Submerged Penguin7.5
Norma TrynerP1651African Lion9.5
Norma TrynerP1652Portrait of a Lion9.5
Norma TrynerP1653Fungi (Hygrophorus Conicus)9
Simon TaylorP1645Every which way8.5
Simon TaylorP1646Tower Remembrance6
Simon TaylorP1647Mini Reds8.5
Stuart KenneyP1668The Trombone player9
Stuart KenneyP1669Deep in Thought8.5
Stuart KenneyP1670The Trumpet Player.8
Tony WatsonP1558Waterlillies7
Tony WatsonP1666Can we fix it - yes we can7.5
Tony WatsonP1667Fox glacier - New Zealand9

Entries - 33


Andrew FletcherP1633Scabious8
Andrew FletcherP1634Mad dogs and englishmen8
Andrew FletcherP1635Natural history Museum9
Nadine BernhardtP16301 2 38
Nadine BernhardtP1631Floating7.5
Nadine BernhardtP1632In the sunlight7
Sarah LucasP1636Unconditional Love9
Sarah LucasP1637A Flower for Dad10
Sarah LucasP1638Young Play10

Entries - 9

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