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Chris StockP1130GB-Granny Bonding7.5
Chris StockP1154Jumping For Joy815.5
Jon EvansP1095Rock-a-bye-baby9
Jon EvansP1105Rococo10
Jon EvansP1161Pasque Flower7.519
Mark JanesP1162Abandoned Dream9.5
Mark JanesP1163The Bridge At Bonar Bridge8.5
Mark JanesP1164London Eye818
Michael KnightP1159Castle Cary Jail8
Michael KnightP1160Ash Leaves816
Mike HammersleyP1155Not Impressed8
Mike HammersleyP1156Rivets816
Rex SellarsP1149Wing Walkers9
Rex SellarsP1150Empty Glass9
Rex SellarsP1151Kristiansund1019
Sally ProtheroeP1029BSplash of Colour8.5
Sally ProtheroeP1153Crocus7.516
Simon TaylorP1008Mini8.5
Simon TaylorP1120Farnborough Airport Terminal9
Simon TaylorP1122Yellow Card Ref!9.518.5
Tom RowlesP1071Faces8.5
Tom RowlesP1157Pause For Thought7
Tom RowlesP1158Searching For The Sun8.517
Tony FisherP1052The Icicle8.5
Tony FisherP1079Village Street8
Tony FisherP1152British Red Fox917.5

Entries - 26


June MilnerP1138Pink Cosmos8
June MilnerP1139Wet Afternoon9.5
June MilnerP1140Plentitude817.5
Kevin WrennP1141Sunset 9
Kevin WrennP1142DonĂȘt Be Shy9
Kevin WrennP1143All Fished Out1019
Martyn BrownP1144Sunset Through The Balloon Hangar9
Martyn BrownP1145A Stoney Stare817
Sue BrettellP1146Becky7
Sue BrettellP1147Coke On The Rocks9
Sue BrettellP1148Bryce National Park817

Entries - 11

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