2022R5 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD0838Orchid7.5
Alan EggletonD7322Barbican Tower Block7.5
David MillardD7323Impressions of the City9
David MillardD7332A young Audrey8
Garry OwenD7324Britain 2022 - Food of the Gods8
Garry OwenD7333Britain 2022 - Love Conquers All8
George TurnbullD7325New horizons8
George TurnbullD7334Early mist in Tobermory9.5
Graham ChisnallD7326Up and Away9
Graham ChisnallD7335Not Going Far8
Ian NewmanD7016Pre Raphaelite Interpretation8.5
Ian NewmanD7033Tall Beard Iris8
Jeff KelseyD7035The railwaymen8.5
Jeff KelseyD7049Queen Elizabeth Country Park9.5
Keith NewtonD7327Girl on a swing8
Keith NewtonD7336Haughty8
Michael BaconD6241No More Walks in the Wood8
Michael BaconD6553Awakening9
Micheal CarringtonD7328Farnham firework display10
Micheal CarringtonD7337Resting on a Dandelion7.5
Neil McIntyreD7155Primary bubbles8.5
Neil McIntyreD7329Plume thistle8.5
Paul ManneringD7308To calmer waters7.5
Paul ManneringD7338Peephole8.5
Peter MartindaleD7309Surprise10
Peter MartindaleD7330Kick and chase8
Robert WilkinsonD7331Come fly with me9
Robert WilkinsonD7339The Warrior8.5

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