2022AL - Digital Images


Ana Peiro MunozD7252Found youHC
Ana Peiro MunozD7348Emmy
Ana Peiro MunozD7356Snowdrops
Annukka LautasaloD7012WalterHC
Annukka LautasaloD7349Mrs Spain
Annukka LautasaloD7353Daisy with bluebells3
David MillardD7273Impression of the City
David MillardD7332A young Audrey
David MillardD7343Old Master PercyHC
George TurnbullD7182Salisbury Cathedral reflected in the font
George TurnbullD7282Should have gone to Specsavers2
George TurnbullD7362Young at heart1
Ian NewmanD7360Contour of Boo
Ian NewmanD7363Bluebells at sunrise3
Ian NewmanD7364The beauty of Volkova
Jeff KelseyD7062Dinner timeHC
Jeff KelseyD7270Autumn trees
Jeff KelseyD7363Queen Elizabeth Country Park
Keith NewtonD7064On the Edge2
Keith NewtonD7112Barley Mow Bridge
Keith NewtonD7304The Controller
Michael BaconD7202Time is running out
Michael BaconD7350Fire in a glass vase
Michael BaconD7357Pastiche of Mound of Butter
Micheal CarringtonD7128Delightful nectar
Micheal CarringtonD7154Industrial cityscape
Micheal CarringtonD7361Farnham fireworks
Neil McIntyreD7351Caribbean sunrise
Neil McIntyreD7354Eilean Donan Castle
Neil McIntyreD7358BouncerHC
Paul ManneringD7023Small tortoiseshell
Paul ManneringD7308To calmer waters
Paul ManneringD7365Frog
Robert WilkinsonD7042StatuesqueHC
Robert WilkinsonD7068Silver Princess
Robert WilkinsonD7117Caribbean Beauty
Tony BrownD7352Catch of the DayHC
Tony BrownD7355Quickstep Cuckoo1
Tony BrownD7359Waiting for Mum

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