2018R4 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD5208Early morning coastline9
Alan EggletonD5339Neat and Tidy8
Alan MarshallD5365An Alert Red Squirrel8.5
Alan MarshallD5366Crowned Plover With Chick8.5
Andrew FletcherD5308Always something to run to8.5
Andrew FletcherD5341Ice Cold8
David MillardD5367Brighton Pier Murmuration8
David MillardD5368The Old Mill7
George TurnbullD5265By the Hooghly River India8.5
George TurnbullD5338Monkey Business8
Graham ChisnallD5272Time to Go7.5
Graham ChisnallD5364Early Morning Canal Scene8.5
Ian BarefootD5342Hankley Common 19689
Ian BarefootD5343Down safe7
Isabel CuestaD5346Auditorium9.5
Isabel CuestaD5347Pilgrim9
Jeff KelseyD5061The doorkeeper10
Jeff KelseyD5340Landscape in Frost8.5
Jon EvansD5356Electric8
Jon EvansD5357Ten Past Two8
Micheal CarringtonD5279Police Transport8.5
Micheal CarringtonD5326Ready for the shot8
Michelle HarrisonD5358Bluesman blowing8
Michelle HarrisonD5359Piston6.5
Paul ArmstrongD5360Down on his luck9
Paul ArmstrongD5361Vertigo9
Paul ManneringD5223Green Iguana8.5
Paul ManneringD5224Snack time8.5
Rob WilkinsonD5354Pre-Raphaelite portrait10
Rob WilkinsonD5355Glorious Red8.5
Russ KhanD5078Synchro Pair Crossover10
Russ KhanD5119Little Owl8.5
Sally ProtheroeD5079Fishing At Dungeness8
Sandra EggletonD5362Man at work8
Sandra EggletonD5363Stormy skies over the harbour8.5
Vassilis KorkasD5344Not welcome10
Vassilis KorkasD5345Guardian of the seas7.5

Entries - 37


Andrew McIlwaineD5349Room for a small one7
Andrew McIlwaineD5350Street Photography Workshop9.5
Andy ParkerD5369Menorcan Yachts6.5
Andy ParkerD5370Summer Poppy8.5
John StrawsonD5371Blast From The Past7.5
John StrawsonD5372The Hot Seat8
Peter MartindaleD5351Darby and Joan8
Peter MartindaleD5352The Lost Souls of Stephen King8
Robert RowleyD5228Sunken tree at Wanaka8
Robert RowleyD5353Robin feeder10

Entries - 10

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