2018R2 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD5044Crab Spider on Rudbeckia9.5
Alan EggletonD5087Eilean Donan Castle9
Andrew FletcherD5048Hat Stall Selfie8
Andrew FletcherD5088Air Raid7
Brian HubbardD5089Lily in her natural colours7
Brian HubbardD5090Lunchtime8
Carole BrownleeD5091Daisies9.5
Charlie CooperD5092Feel the Roar10
Charlie CooperD5093Pensive Bleater8.5
Chris StockD5094Camel estuary8.5
Chris StockD5095Power of the sea8
Chris WhittyD2606Barklight8.5
Chris WhittyD4924Bathtime 18
David MillardD5054Great Pond9.5
David MillardD5129The Sailing Club is closed8.5
George TurnbullD2403Fun in the sun9
George TurnbullD5096DesRes - buyer beware8
Graham ChisnallD5097Looking for Mackeral7
Graham ChisnallD5098Wintery Tundry Pond8
Ian BarefootD5099Lilies 2 for 17
Ian BarefootD5100Sitar sunrise7
Isabel CuestaD5101Bugsy Malone7.5
Isabel CuestaD5102Forest7.5
Jeff KelseyD5103Bangkok school run7
Jeff KelseyD5104Low tide at Pevensey Bay7
John McCombD5105Red Throat Lizzard8
John McCombD5106The Rock Tree7.5
June MilnerD5107All trial and no singing7.5
June MilnerD5108Breaking8.5
Mark BrocklebankD5109Cake9
Mark BrocklebankD5110Wales9
Micheal CarringtonD5111Attention9
Micheal CarringtonD5112Fox on the prowl8
Michelle HarrisonD5052Collecting9
Michelle HarrisonD5053Golden droplets8
Paul ArmstrongD5113Boxed in8.5
Paul ArmstrongD5114King of the castle9.5
Paul ManneringD5022This'll fly9
Paul ManneringD5115Triple X lake8
Rob WilkinsonD5116If you go down to the woods today9.5
Rob WilkinsonD5117Walking in the air8
Russ KhanD5118Hope itís a vintage year7.5
Russ KhanD5119Little Owl10
Sally ProtheroeD5080Off The Tracks7
Sally ProtheroeD5120Dragonfly laying eggs9
Sandra EggletonD5121Embarrassing Moment8
Sandra EggletonD5122Lower Pond Exbury Gardens7.5
Stuart KenneyD5123Arches7.5
Stuart KenneyD5124Beach Buoys9
Vassilis KorkasD5125A cat's curiosity10
Vassilis KorkasD5126City in motion7.5
Zoe BarefootD5127Banana Seller7.5
Zoe BarefootD5128Traffic jam7.5

Entries - 53


Andrew McIlwaineD51309119.5
Andrew McIlwaineD5131Brick Lane9
Peter MartindaleD5132Brunch8.5
Peter MartindaleD5133The Brides on Elm Street10
Robert RowleyD5134My Ball8
Robert RowleyD5135The High and Mighty8

Entries - 6

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