2018R1 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD5044Crab Spider on Rudbeckia9.5
Alan EggletonD5045Lone Tree6.5
Alan MarshallD5046Red Kite7
Alan MarshallD5047South Downs7
Andrew FletcherD5048Hat Stall Selfie7.5
Andrew FletcherD5049Skate Boarding7
Annukka LautasaloD5050Hannah and Stanley7.5
Annukka LautasaloD5051Karin7
Chris WhittyD2462Homeward bound7
Chris WhittyD2606Barklight7.5
David MillardD5054Great Pond9
David MillardD5055Laying in wait8
George TurnbullD5024Nesting Birds10
George TurnbullD5056Picnic in the Rain8.5
Graham ChisnallD505730s Wings and Wheels7.5
Graham ChisnallD5058Sunrise over the Irish Sea6.5
Isabel CuestaD5059Clif Climb7
Isabel CuestaD5060Rafting World7.5
Jeff KelseyD5061The doorkeeper10
Jeff KelseyD5062The lost key7
John McCombD5063Marine Iguana8.5
John McCombD5064The Torres8
Jon EvansD5065Please Pollinate me7.5
Jon EvansD5066The Ukulele7
June MilnerD5067bluebell seas7
June MilnerD5068red and white7
Micheal CarringtonD5069A peck on the cheek8
Micheal CarringtonD5070Alchemilla after the rain7
Michelle HarrisonD5052Collecting7.5
Michelle HarrisonD5053Golden droplets7.5
Paul ArmstrongD5000Red Soldier Beetle8.5
Paul ArmstrongD5001Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar9
Paul ManneringD5071floating gull8
Paul ManneringD5072Pink waterlilies7.5
Rob WilkinsonD5073Feelin blue8.5
Rob WilkinsonD5074In the pink7.5
Russ KhanD5077Screaming Eagle8.5
Russ KhanD5078Synchro Pair Crossover7.5
Sally ProtheroeD5079Fishing At Dungeness7
Sally ProtheroeD5080Off The Tracks8
Stuart KenneyD5081Cley7
Stuart KenneyD5082Local Produce7.5
Sue HammillD5083Garden spider wrapping up small white6
Sue HammillD5084Riding on the beach8
Vassilis KorkasD5085Crossing gazes8.5
Vassilis KorkasD5086What's on your mind8

Entries - 46


Andrew McilwaineD5038Chris8
Andrew McilwaineD5039The Mighty Gareth9
John StrawsonD5040Saving One8
John StrawsonD5041The Boatman7
Peter MartindaleD5042Spring Dawn7.5
Peter MartindaleD5043Viceroy Landing8
Robert RowleyD5075Rainbow over Ambialet7.5
Robert RowleyD5076Reflecting at Nower Wood8

Entries - 8

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