2018AL - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD5044Crab Spider on RudbeckiaHC
Alan EggletonD5430Shrubby
Ana PeiroD5417"Empedrado (Paved) Stree in Havana
Chris WhittyD2519Neglected
Chris WhittyD5419Mel and recorder 47
David MillardD5170Drip
David MillardD5420Two Planes
George TurnbullD5316Content
George TurnbullD5421Freefall1
Graham ChisnallD5422Ethereal Lantern Light
Graham ChisnallD5423Light and Shade over Walkway
Isabel CuestaD5399Snow
Jeff KelseyD5061The doorkeeperHC
Jeff KelseyD5217Four trains and a passenger
Ken NewberryD5151Waiting for orders
Ken Newberry D2321The high jump
Micheal CarringtonD5111Attention
Micheal CarringtonD5220St Pauls in the spotlight
Michelle HarrisonD5053Golden droplets
Michelle HarrisonD5424Squirrel
Pat GibsonD5425Patterns on the beach2
Pat GibsonD5426Rain Coming In
Paul ArmstrongD5113Boxed in
Paul ArmstrongD5361Vertigo
Paul ManneringD5072Pink waterlilies
Paul ManneringD5224Snack time
Rob WilkinsonD5354Pre-Raphaelite portrait
Rob WilkinsonD5427"No longer a girl
Russ KhanD5078Synchro Pair CrossoverHC
Sandra EggletonD5428Above the Clouds
Sandra EggletonD5429Economy Class
Vassilis KorkasD5230Old colours
Vassilis KorkasD5344Not welcome3

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Ana PeiroD5418Geranium2
Andrew McIlwaineD5350Street Photography Workshop
Andrew McIlwaineD5384Reflection
Peter MartindaleD5133The Brides on Elm Street
Peter MartindaleD5205Bleary Eyed Early Morning Shift3
Robert RowleyD5415Reed Bunting1
Robert RowleyD5416Squirrel at breakfast
Yvonne KuneschD5302Classic Dials
Yvonne KuneschD5414Sheild Bugs

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