2018AH - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD5431Hammertime
Alan EggletonD5432Showjumper
Alan EggletonD5433Handstand1
Andy ParkerD5434Old Man of Trinidad
Andy ParkerD5435Tanzania Coast
Andy ParkerD5436West Wood Bells
Christopher KempD5437Rwanda Genocide 1
Christopher KempD5438Rwanda Genocide 2
Christopher KempD5439Rwanda Genocide 3
George TurnbullD5440Free as a bird
George TurnbullD5441"Low tide
George TurnbullD5442"Wonky ride
Ian NewmanD5443Auium at sunset
Ian NewmanD5444Best of friends
Ian NewmanD5445Reflecting
Jeff KelseyD5446I hope thatís not a packet of cigarettes you have there
Jeff KelseyD5447Thinking about home
Jeff KelseyD5448Young Girl at Field Kitchen
Micheal CarringtonD5449Licking his lips
Micheal CarringtonD5450Preservation hall
Micheal CarringtonD5451Viewing the bridge
Robert RowleyD5454Kilchurn castle
Yvonne KuneschD5455Caught Out
Yvonne KuneschD5456Fishing for Supper
Yvonne KuneschD5457Fuel Stop

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Robert RowleyD5452Duck in the Daisies
Robert RowleyD5453Flickering Lapwings

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