2015R3 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD1704Sunrise on Frosty Newlands Corner8
Alan EggletonD1705The Royal Oak Langstone8.5
Alan EggletonD1706Well Known London Landmarks9.5
Alan MarshallD1688House Sparrow9
Alan MarshallD1689Showing its Teeth8.5
Alan MarshallD1690Young Fox10
Chris WhittyD1506Catch me if you can7.5
Chris WhittyD1623Ship of Souls8
Chris WhittyD1703Yellow Stamens8
Don HartD1700In the Surf7.5
Don HartD1701Reflections9.5
Don HartD1702City on the Move10
Jon EvansD1694Industrial Landscape7
Jon EvansD1695Lillie Rubellum - Monochrome9
Jon EvansD1696Welsh Poppy7.5
June MilnerD1716Heart of Queen of the Night7
June MilnerD1717Roseanne8
June MilnerD1718River Lights7
Mark GreyD1713The Company Accountant9.5
Mark GreyD1714The New Shoes6.5
Mark GreyD1715The roaring 20's7
Michelle HarrisonD1574Clean Bowled7
Michelle HarrisonD1575Fetch9
Michelle HarrisonD1722Live Music6.5
Norma TrynerD1697African Vulture9.5
Norma TrynerD1698Flying in9
Norma TrynerD1699Stripes8
Paul BaxterD1710Lady of Mystery10
Paul BaxterD1711Lady on Fire7.5
Paul BaxterD1712Modern Mobile Airborne7.5
Stephen BarneyD1723St Marys Ashley 1100AD9.5
Stephen BarneyD1724Who needs a fancy camera6.5
Stephen BarneyD1725Seed Pods7
Stuart KenneyD1691Cuillind8
Stuart KenneyD1692CairnCorms8
Stuart KenneyD1693Wanlock Head6.5
Sue HammillD1719Gone Fishing8
Sue HammillD1720Great Egret7.5
Sue HammillD1721Willet9.5
Vassilis KorkasD1707A is for Autumn5.5
Vassilis KorkasD1708Away from the Herd8.5
Vassilis KorkasD1709The Missing Caryatid9.5

Entries - 42


Alan WarrenD1679Sarah8
Alan WarrenD1680Ashe Park House7.5
Alan WarrenD1681Foxglove8
Andrew FletcherD1671Washing Machine set to F810
Andrew FletcherD1672Smoking Cottage10
Andrew FletcherD1673Kite Flying on Pewley Downs7.5
John McCombD1676Skye by Moonlight8.5
John McCombD1677Drifting at Findhorn9.5
John McCombD1678Red Kite Flying8.5
Rob WilkinsonD1682Steam Silhoutte8.5
Rob WilkinsonD1684Skyline from Greenwich7
Sandra EggletonD1685Duck Washing8.5
Sandra EggletonD1686Tranquil Ford8
Sandra EggletonD1687Watch Out9
Shaun TodmanD1674Robin with Berry9.5
Shaun TodmanD1675The Gatekeeper Watches7.5

Entries - 16

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