2015R2 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD1555Make That Jump10
Alan EggletonD1598Amorphophallus Yuloenis8.5
Alan EggletonD1599Nosey-Nosey-Nosey7
Alan MarshallD1613Dropping Food9
Alan MarshallD1614Capetown Harbour under Table Mountain7
Alan MarshallD1615Tri Plane8.5
Alan WarrenD1630Devon Valley8.5
Alan WarrenD1631Covered Bridge Ohio6
Alan WarrenD1632Wise man of Wisley7.5
Ben CaseyD1604Basket7
Ben CaseyD1605Hatched9
Ben CaseyD1606Shadows9.5
Chris StockD1642Time for a pint9
Chris StockD1643Salisbury Cathedral8
Chris StockD1644AutumnView8.5
Chris WhittyD1580Remembrance8.5
Chris WhittyD1622A Clash of Arms7
Chris WhittyD1623Ship of Souls7
Don HartD1610On a hillside7
Don HartD1611A drop of milk8.5
Don HartD1612Morning Mist9.5
Isabel CuestaD1624Slalom at Lee valley7
Isabel CuestaD1625Car Racing7.5
Isabel CuestaD1626Knock before you enter6
Jon EvansD1636Holiday together7.5
Jon EvansD1637Freak wave drowns judge7
Jon EvansD1638Harbour Wall10
June MilnerD1619Concentration10
June MilnerD1620Adolescent8.5
June MilnerD1621Re-enactor8.5
Keith McKenzieD1653Garden Cobweb7.5
Keith McKenzieD1654Newt7
Keith McKenzieD1655Pedestrians Crossing6.5
Ken NewberryD1648My Friend6.5
Ken NewberryD1649The Fisherman6.5
Ken NewberryD1650Is it safe to cross6.5
Mark GreyD1616Catwalk7
Mark GreyD1617Hair Flick9
Mark GreyD1618Trench7
Michelle HarrisonD1574Clean Bowled8.5
Michelle HarrisonD1651Songbird8.5
Michelle HarrisonD1652Old Lady7.5
Norma TrynerD1633A Disagreement8.5
Norma TrynerD1634Hungry Offspring8.5
Norma TrynerD1635Wildebeast gathering7
Pat GibsonD1645Flamenco Guitar7.5
Pat GibsonD1646The Dining Hall10
Pat GibsonD1647Waiting for the Boat9.5
Paul BaxterD1627A too willing victim7
Paul BaxterD1628Atremis Fauna9
Paul BaxterD1629Heave ho9.5
Simon TaylorD1527Louis Tomb6
Simon TaylorD1539Wind Tunnel10
Simon TaylorD1603Inside the Wind Tunnel6
Stephen BarneyD1639Colesseum6.5
Stephen BarneyD1640Donnington8.5
Stephen BarneyD1641The old bench10
Stuart KenneyD1600All tied up7
Stuart KenneyD1601The Farmhouse8
Stuart KenneyD1602The Old Gate9.5
Tony WatsonD1607Chinese Opera Character9.5
Tony WatsonD1608Pigeons are beautiful too8.5
Tony WatsonD1609Singing for their supper7.5

Entries - 63


Andrew FletcherD1659Lone Woman Waiting9.5
Andrew FletcherD1660Towers & Funnel9
Andrew FletcherD1661Two10
John McCombD1665Please mind the gap7.5
John McCombD1666Admit it - we're lost9
John McCombD1667Obstructing the doors WILL be dangerous10
Nadine BernhardtD1662Youth7
Nadine BernhardtD1663Fallen8
Nadine BernhardtD1664Shake8.5
Rob WilkinsonD1668The Dragon of the Flies10
Rob WilkinsonD1669Otter Pup8
Rob WilkinsonD1670A Storm is coming to Lyme Regis9.5
Sandra EggletonD1656Chains7.5
Sandra EggletonD1657Come Slide with me9.5
Sandra EggletonD1658Relaxed Tiger7.5

Entries - 15

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