2015R1 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD1554Hang glider7.5
Alan EggletonD1555Make That Jump10
Alan EggletonD1556The Ford8
Alan MarshallD1545Close Passing8.5
Alan MarshallD1546Golden Oldies7.5
Alan MarshallD1547Wing Walkers8.5
Alan WarrenD1577Furrows8
Alan WarrenD1578Benches Great Torrington7.5
Alan WarrenD1579Looking Up7.5
Ben CaseyD1551Easter Light8
Ben CaseyD1552Emma9
Ben CaseyD1553Pisa9
Chris StockD1586Family Portrait7.5
Chris StockD1587Porthilly Church Cornwall8
Chris StockD1588St Enodoc Church Cornwall8
Chris WhittyD1441Exuberance8
Chris WhittyD1506Catch me if you can8
Chris WhittyD1580Remembrance9
Don HartD1531Buttermere10
Don HartD1532Calm8.5
Don HartD1533Tree9
Isabel CuestaD1595Charity Racing8
Isabel CuestaD1596Jazz Solo9
Isabel CuestaD1597Slalom7.5
Jon EvansD1488Pay your subs now10
Jon EvansD1584Lillie Rubellum9
Jon EvansD1585Unimpressed7.5
June MilnerD1589Reinterpreting Queen Elizabeth 17.5
June MilnerD1590The Trader8
June MilnerD1591Bathroom Bits And Bobs8.5
Keith McKenzieD1592Wall - Old Park Lane6
Keith McKenzieD1593Found Fungi8
Keith McKenzieD1594New Life8
Ken NewberryD1560Reflections On The Flashies7.5
Ken NewberryD1561Frensham Common In September6.5
Ken NewberryD1562Golf At Cowdray Park7
Mark GreyD1525Snuggly9.5
Mark GreyD1537Dangerous Games9.5
Mark GreyD1538Red9
Michael KnightD1540A Moment Of Calm8
Michael KnightD1541For Goodness Sake6.5
Michelle HarrisonD1574Clean Bowled9
Michelle HarrisonD1575Fetch8.5
Michelle HarrisonD1576Gone to Seed8.5
Norma TrynerD1548Peeping10
Norma TrynerD1549Merlin Landing9.5
Norma TrynerD1550Will He Make It Across8
Pat GibsonD1542Gossip9
Pat GibsonD1543Welcome Home8.5
Pat GibsonD1544Wooden Wheels8
Paul BaxterD1566Blue Boats9.5
Paul BaxterD1567Bruges Windmill9.5
Paul BaxterD1568Vicky B9
Simon TaylorD1526Brendan9
Simon TaylorD1527Louis Tomb8.5
Simon TaylorD1539Wind Tunnel8
Stuart KenneyD1571Couple On Charles Bridge6.5
Stuart KenneyD1572Lantern7.5
Stuart KenneyD1573Old Man9
Sue HammillD1528After The Rain8.5
Sue HammillD1529Funny I Could Have Sworn Today Was Tuesday9
Sue HammillD1530Stacking Bees7.5

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Andrew FletcherD1557First Across The Line7
Andrew FletcherD1558Straight Along The Coast8.5
Andrew FletcherD1559Toot Toot7.5
John McCombD1569Burt Gets His Own Back10
John McCombD1570Burt Would Rather I Got The Ball8
Nadine BernhardtD1563Ice Pipe8.5
Nadine BernhardtD1564Legless8.5
Nadine BernhardtD1565Walking Home7.5
Rob WilkinsonD1581Cheyenne The Bald Eagle8
Rob WilkinsonD1582Shadow Of Death8
Rob WilkinsonD1583Warships A Plenty8.5
Sarah LucasD1534Angelic Cutie9
Sarah LucasD1535Happy Chappy8
Sarah LucasD1536Look Into My Eyes9.5

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