2012R1 - Digital Images


Alan EggletonD0739Heatbeat Country8
Alan EggletonD0740Lake View8
Alan EggletonD0741Misty Morning In The Trees1018
Chris WhittyD0653What you never see9.5
Chris WhittyD0655Squirrel9
Chris WhittyD0725Red Arrows818.5
David BleachD0726Untitled - Family Group7
David BleachD0727Untitled - Girl 7.5
David BleachD0728Untitled - Old Wall6.514.5
David FisherD0661Marigold9
David FisherD0742Autumn 8.5
David FisherD0743Peace At Last617.5
Doreen BleachD0729Untitled - Arches7
Doreen BleachD0730Untitled - Harbour7
Doreen BleachD0731Untitled - Mending Nets714
John MitchellD0753Bored7
John MitchellD0754Bus Is Coming6
John MitchellD0755Shattered1017
Jon EvansD0756Erythronium Caucasicum8.5
Jon EvansD0757Return To The Mother Ship6
Jon EvansD0758Yellow Mongoose715.5
Mark JanesD0721Salmon Leaping at the falls of shin8.5
Mark JanesD0759Winter Sun Through Trees7
Mark JanesD0760Workers At Durban Botanical Carden7.516
Michael KnightD0732Allium77
Michelle HarrisonD0761Madeira Fern7.5
Michelle HarrisonD0762Shiny Bike8.5
Michelle HarrisonD0763The Windmill8.517
Mike HammersleyD0744Used To Be Candle Lighting5
Mike HammersleyD0745Aluminium Paint9
Mike HammersleyD0746Down To Detail817
Oliver LucasD0764Hillside8.5
Oliver LucasD0765Undercover617
Rex SellarsD0733Astonishment9.5
Rex SellarsD0734Bristol Fighter 8.5
Rex SellarsD0735Tulip 1019.5
Robin StovoldD0747Mooring Shackles8.5
Robin StovoldD0748St Laurance8.5
Robin StovoldD0749To The Woods617
Sally ProtheroeD0772Black And White Rose8.5
Sally ProtheroeD0773Head1018.5
Simon TaylorD0687Hands9.5
Simon TaylorD0688Ignored10
Simon TaylorD0716Too Loud9.519.5
Sue HammillD0769Gathering Storm6.5
Sue HammillD0770Pots8.5
Sue HammillD0771Volcanic Landscape5.515

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Edelgard MossD0722Into The Rocky Mountains8
Edelgard MossD0723Vancouver Harbour8
Edelgard MossD0724Red Damselfy On Poppy Bud8.516.5
June MilnerD0750Golden Crowns8.5
June MilnerD0751Two Fruit And A Bowl9
June MilnerD0752White Camelia Unfurls7.517.5
Oliver LucasD0387Untitled - Jellyfish8.5
Paul HaymanD0766Brighton Poppies8.5
Paul HaymanD0767Fog Lifting At Tundry Pond7.5
Paul HaymanD0768Tundry Swans1018.5
Sue BrettellD0736Night Fishing8
Sue BrettellD0737Squirrel On The Alert10
Sue BrettellD0738Zion Park718

Entries - 13

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