Annukka Lautasalo - Prints

Annukka Lautasalo

P1893Waiting (chairs)2016R27
P1894Boats on the Shore2016R26.5
P1895On the fly2016R27
P2060I'm with you2016AL2
P2061Forest Nymph2016AL
P2081Fun in the Water2017R192017R38.52017AL
P2082Summer on My Mind2017R182017R38
P2083Summer Beauty2017R18.52017R48
P2174So many stories I could tell you2017R282017R39.52017B
P2174So many stories I could tell you2017AL
P2175Different kind of family2017R26.5
P2176Stay with me for an adventure2017R272017R482017ALHC
P2268Charlie & Oscar2017R47.5
P6750Can we go now2021R38
P7082Surrounded by heather2022R18.5

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