Andrew Fletcher - Digital Images

Andrew Fletcher

D1557First Across The Line2015R17
D1558Straight Along The Coast2015R18.5
D1559Toot Toot2015R17.5
D1659Lone Woman Waiting2015R29.5
D1660Towers & Funnel2015R292015R47.5
D1671Washing Machine set to F82015R3102015AL3
D1672Smoking Cottage2015R310
D1673Kite Flying on Pewley Downs2015R37.5
D1792Daddy You said we should share the Tablet2015R48
D1793Golden Retrievers are a sticks Ememy2015R47
D1794In Stiches2015AL
D1894Family Portrait2016R17.5
D1896Scroby Sands Wind Farm2016R18.5
D1957My Life in Cameras2016R28
D1959Harvest Mouse Peeking Out2016R2102016R48.5
D2026Battle of Hoth2016R37.5
D2027Magic Pencil2016R38
D2028Wisley Christmas Glow Gerberas2016R38
D2177Caerphilly South Side2016R46
D2178Self Portrait2016R49
D2205Waverley Steamer2016AH2
D2206Benches along the Clyde2016AH1
D2207Clyde Auditorium (The Armadillo)2016AH7
D2281Arran from Irvine Beach2017R17
D2282Benches along the Clyde2017R19.5
D2283Bridge over the Avon2017R192017R28
D2376Luminous Reflection2017R29.5
D2377Warwick Castle at Dawn2017R28
D2455Guildford Debenhams2017R37.5
D2456Light in a Dark Place2017R37.5
D2457Luminous Reflection2017R37.5
D5048Hat Stall Selfie2018R17.52018R28
D5049Skate Boarding2018R17
D5088Air Raid2018R27
D5211The Man in the Lift2018R39.5
D5308Always something to run to2018R48.5
D5341Ice Cold2018R48
D5512Daffodil bud2019R18
D5513Study in green 32019R17.5
D5944Guildford Cathedral2019AH
D5945Making the leap2019AH
D5946The Kelpies2019AH
D6017CCTV in operation2020R28
D6121Artistic License2020R28.5
D6289Second Severn Crossing2020R48
D6310Yay nearly ready2020R49
D6413Body Language2020AH2021R29.52021R48.5
D6425Would Number Two Step Forward Please2020AH
D6449Red on Red2021R1102021R48.5
D6469Wildflower Meadow2021R18
D6504Drawing Henry Moore_s Large Reclining Figure2021R27.5
D6543White on White2021R3102021R58
D6971Body Language2021AL1

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