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2018 Projected Digital Images - Open Class

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Alan Eggleton9.
George Turnbull10.
Paul Armstrong8.
Isabel Cuesta7.
Russ Khan8.57.57.510.
Vassilis Korkas8.
Paul Mannering8.
Rob Wilkinson8.
Micheal Carrington8.
Jeff Kelsey10.
David Millard9.
Andrew Fletcher7.
Sandra Eggleton--
Graham Chisnall7.
Sally Protheroe7.
Alan Marshall7.07.0--
Michelle Harrison7.
Ian Barefoot--7.07.0--
Brian Hubbard--
John McComb8.
Chris Whitty7.
Stuart Kenney7.
Jon Evans7.57.0----8.08.0--30.5
June Milner7.
Zoe Barefoot--7.57.5----
Annukka Lautasalo7.57.0--7.57.5----29.5
Charlie Cooper--10.08.5------18.5
Mark Brocklebank--9.09.0------18.0
Chris Stock--8.58.0------16.5
Ken Newberry----7.58.0----15.5
Paul Baxter--------7.08.515.5
Sue Hammill6.08.0--------14.0
Carole Brownlee--9.5-------9.5

Each member may enter up to TWO entries in each round, with the best SEVEN scores are carried into the total.  
Any image may only be used twice during the five rounds of the competition.  
Maximum points available after 5 rounds : 70

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