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Aldershot, Farnham and Fleet Camera Club Data Protection Policy

As a “not for profit” organisation the Aldershot, Farnham and Fleet Camera Club (the “Club”) is established with the objects set out in its constitution, and is a data controller within the UK.

The Club does collect and retain members' personal information in order to pursue its legitimate interests and is committed to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).


  1. Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully.
  2. The data collected about members will be held in paper or electronic format, but will only be utilised and processed in pursuit of the legitimate interests and activities of the club: -
    a) establishing and maintaining membership
    b) informing Members of Club and Federation activities and requirements
    c) handling images belonging to members and recording entries to competitions and the results of those competitions.

  3. In order to conduct its activities the club may also hold data about:
    a) recent members in the past
    b) potential members
    c) contacts within other clubs and photographic organisations
    d) speakers and judges booked to appear at the club.
  4. The data collected for members of the Club will consist of the following items:-
    a) Name including affiliation, qualification and awards
    b) Address
    c) Telephone number(s)
    d) Email address
    e) Images entered in competitions by that member

    Any person wishing to verify the information held by the Club, or who can correct or update that information, should contact the Membership Secretary in writing.
  5. All members must consent to the use of their data for establishing and maintaining their membership, and for informing members of Club and Federation activities and requirements.

    New members are asked to provide their personal data when joining the Club.
  6. Membership records shall be maintained by the Membership Secretary. Other members of the Committee may contact the Membership secretary for access to member data in order to fulfil their roles, but shall not keep this longer than is necessary and shall then delete it. The Membership Secretary’s copy shall be regarded as the primary record.

    All Committee Members collecting or otherwise receiving any personal data for any reason, or distributing members' personal information, shall retain a record of that activity, and of any use of the data, and of the subsequent deletion of the data.
  7. The Committee shall take all reasonable technical and organisational measures to ensure against the unauthorised or unlawful access or destruction of or damage to the personal data set held by the Club.
  8. Committee Members shall use the online MailChimp service as a channel of communication to members. Each Committee Member will be provided with unique MailChimp login details. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the MailChimp database containing members' names and email address. This mailing list must not be used to forward marketing emails sent to the Club.

    No Committee Members or ordinary members shall distribute emails to the membership other than via the Mailchimp service. Committee Members may apply to be allowed to use the Mailchimp service. Other members wishing to distribute information to the membership should send it to the Club Secretary for distribution.

    Committee Members shall not use the club Mailchimp service or the email addresses held therein to contact members except on club business.
  9. Members who wish to communicate with each other may communicate via the Club Facebook group, or should exchange their own contact details privately.
  10. Upon written request from a member the Membership Secretary will, within 30 days provide the personal data held by the Club to that member.
  11. Within 30 days of the Club receiving written notification of a member leaving the Club, the contact data held by the Club for that member shall be deleted by the Membership Secretary from the list of current members. Some historical records of their membership e.g. meeting minutes, competition results etc will be retained.

    Members who leave the Club may elect to remain on the Club's mailing list, in which case their name and email address will be retained on the mailing list only for the purposes of communicating with them, and they will not be included in the list of members.
  12. Electronic Marketing.
    Any emails / marketing material received from sources external to the club, but believed to be of interest to members, may be distributed:

    a) As paper posters / notices at club meetings
    b) On the club Facebook page
    c) If deemed necessary by the Committee, on the club website.

    Examples include:
    • email promoting another club's or a Federation’s event, exhibition or competition, which may or may not have an entry fee.
    • email promoting offers from a club or Federation sponsor
    • email from a known photographer promoting workshop events
    • email promoting a photographic event at a commercial gallery
    • email promoting an exhibition or regional event an external newsletter, which might contain all of the above and advertising
    • email received from a Federation to which the club is itself affiliated.
  13. As a condition of membership, the Club reserves the right to circulate members' details and contact information to the Federations to which it is a member, to other camera clubs or to the PAGB, for the sole purpose of facilitating inter-club and inter-federation competitions. The data will not be circulated to any other commercial or non-commercial organisation or entity.

    Explicit consent for this will be confirmed when permission is sought to use a member's image in an external competition, and will be a requirement of that image being used.
  14. The Club obtains personal information from judges and speakers invited to the Club, for the purpose of promoting the relevant meeting. The Programme Secretary shall obtain permission from non-members invited to the Club to use their names and any other personal information they provide (website details etc) for the sole purpose of promoting the meeting.
  15. The Club may receive information about members of other camera clubs for the purpose of conducting inter-club competitions, typically the name and qualifications of the author of each image in the competition, together with the images themselves. This data will be handled safely by the Club, and will be destroyed when the results of the competition have been ratified.

    Committee members may also retain contact details of officials of other clubs and organisations for the purposes of conducting inter-club competitions and other club business.
  16. The Club may retain historical archives for example but not limited to, records of meetings, handbooks, competition results, catalogues, awards and other event results.
  17. All images displayed on the website remain the copyright of the photographer. Members or ex-members who wish their images to be removed should contact the Webmaster giving details of the relevant images. Every page of the website bearing images by members shall carry the a footnote noting this e.g.

    "All images remain the copyright of their originators, re-use is not permitted. Please contact the originator via the Club if you wish to use an image. If you wish your images to be removed, please contact giving details of the relevant images."
  18. An audit of Club operation covered by this policy shall be carried out once per calendar year and findings shall be reported at the AGM.
  19. All policy breaches shall be reported to the Chairman who will initiate an investigation and agree any follow-up and corrective action(s).
  20. Members have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner if they are unhappy with the handling of their data.
  21. This policy shall be maintained by the Membership Secretary. Updates to the policy may be approved by the Committee and then distributed to the members.

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